Q&A #1 - Recording Sound FX on the fly

The video below will automatically skip you to the right section of the video bit essentially it's a 2 part answer to recording sound FX on the fly while doing location sound work:


My mixer / recorder allows me to record 6 seconds of Pre-Roll. This means when Imit is constantly recording 6 seconds in a buffer and when I press the record button automatically adds the 6 seconds on to the clip. This is very useful for times when jets have flown over for instance. Then I can press record knowing I have it saved already. This can be great for little bits of room time also. 

Handy Sized Recorder

I also often carry a Zoom H1 in my kit which is great if I want to go off and record stereo ethos like wind in trees or the sea. It has an XY mic pattern and so if I need to record mono effects I simple point one capsule at the source and later I can just split the stereo file and use the mono source. 

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