About Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

An Audio Transcription Service is a business that converts speech into text. This is either live or from recorded material and the text can be handwritten or electronic or both in some cases. This is commonly used in many areas of business such as legal, medical or general meetings.

In film PR this is usually so sound bites can be extracted for broadcast and using the 'find' tool from an Audio Transcription document you can find phrases and sentences easily. Audio Transcription is also used in film for translation of a film's dialogue into different languages.

Audio Transcription is now much easier than before thanks to the low-cost and multiple ways of recording audio for Audio Transcription, from professional recorders to people phones.

MP3 audio is the most common format for Audio Transcription i have come across because it's compressed and so easier to send around the world to wherever the Audio Transcription company is based.

Audio Transcription

Searching the web, the industry standard for Audio Transcription is it takes roughly one hour for every 15 minutes of audio. Prices range depending on the quality of the recording and complexity of conversations or interviews. Roughly £1-2/min seems a common rate card.

Technology has also developed in the area of voice recognition and so transcription may slowly get even cheaper and faster with software development and Apps of the future.

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