Want to Transcribe Audio?

Transcribe Audio

First it may be beneficial to read my post about audio transcription. If you want to find out how to Transcribe Audio you're in the right place.

Transcribe Audio

Transcribe Audio Using A Company

There are many companies out on the big wide web that will Transcribe Audio for you. Rates in the UK typically range from £1-2/min of audio. This is usually for recorded audio that you want to transcribe after the event. I haven't looked into Live transcribers but I'm sure they exist, if not just as freelancers.

Rough times for the industry are an hours work for every 15 mins of audio. Depending on the actual quality of the recording and number of people will affect this estimate so it is always best to get a quote or two.

Transcribe Audio Using An App

So you have already recorded your event and don't want the hassle of switching between an audio player and text editor to get all your conversation down. Maybe an app might work for you. I haven't looked deep into what else they offer but it seems pretty basic and fit for purpose. Here are a few links. The following are for desktop or Iphone or Android.

Transcribe Google Chrome App* TranscribeMe Itunes App*

Evernote have released an add-on application that doubles as a recorder and transcribe app. This is pay monthly or as you go app.

Transcribe and more with Evernote*

*I make no commission from you clicking any other these links. More research as advised.

Transcribe Audio The Old Fashioned Way

This is tried and true method of audio transcribing, mobile phone with microphone and you type it up. slow and steady and cheap.