C300 Audio Help

C300 Audio

This article is written as an easy reference to the C300 manual when working with audio in or out of the camera and the C300 timecode functions. Feel free to bookmark and share.

c300 audio

C300 Timecode

Selecting a running mode: TC/UB Setup > Timecode > Mode.

Then you can choose either 'REGEN' or 'PRESET'.

Regen: The camera will read the current CF card and generate timecode from the last recorded clip. It will only generate timecode when recording. So it will not keep time of day for instance.

Preset: After you select 'PRESET' go to the sub menu 'TIMECODE" > 'Run'. You can set the starting timecode which defaults to 00:00:00.00 then it depends what run modes you choose below. You can change the values with the joystick and if you press reset then it will go back to zeros again. You then have these options:

Rec Run: Similar to Regen, the camera clips record timecode only when recording. This is only good when you are recording straight to camera.

Free Run: As soon as you press OK then the timecode starts running continuously from what your set it at originally.

Drop Frame / Non Drop Frames: if you need to set Drop frames or non drop frames go to: 'TC/UB Setup' > 'TIMECODE' > 'DF/NDF'

Timecode Display: Several icons may appear next to the timecode depending on the operation:

R = Timecode is in RegenP = Timecode is set to PRESET with REC RUN mode selected F = Timecode is set to PRESET with FREE RUN mode selected E = Timecode signal is from an external source H = Timecode display is on hold No Icon = timecode during playback

C300 Audio from an external device

The C300 has a BNC timecode connection. If you want the C300 to read the timecode from a connected device you need to make sure that the timecode port is set to IN and not OUT. To do this just follow the menu: 'TC/UB Setup' > 'Timecode' > 'TC IN/OUT' then select IN and press select. You can always select it to OUT if you want to use the C300 as the master clock to an external recorder.

NOTE: You will need to set the C300 to FREE RUN mode to be able to accept incoming timecode. If the timecode from the external device fails then the timecode will resort back to its initial values already set in the TIMECODE submenu.

C300 Audio Tone Generator

The C300 has the ability to generate a 1kHz tone with the visual bars and can be set to -12 / -18 / -20

This is found in MENU > AUDIO SETUP > AUDIO INPUT > 1kHz TONE

C300 Audio Help Conclusion

I would always recommend using a sound recordist with a separate recording and mixing device to help increase production value. The timecode is not very stable with generating its own timecode. You should be jamming the C300 after any powering down and even playback if you need it pin point accurate.

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