How to setup Arri Alexa Mini Timecode (Video)

I sync the new Arri Alexa Mini and take you through step by step what you need to get timecode into the Alexa mini to jam it for audio sync sound.

Arri Alexa Mini Timecode Jamming, any questions just post below and don't forget to LIKE it :)

It's a new camera player against the RED for Movi, drone and even 3D potentially. All I’ll say is its £25k, poor camera guys.

What we care about is how to get sound and timecode in the bloody thing. Had the chance to play with one (and a prototype running Amira software) and here we are.

Being just a body they have kept things very tight. First let me say the fans are as low as the Alexa but exposed like the RED, again because of the small body. It even goes into a “quiet mode” when recording. I was yet to get out of them if it would slowly get louder or how it prevents overheating.

The timecode is like the Alexa, 5pin Lemo. So nice and easy for most. No talk of their own Ambient quality timecode but I’m sure they haven’t compromised, but then I am a fan of the camera so to speak.

The fans are also very quiet and it's easy to fit a timecode sync box like a tentacle on top with room to spare.

Hope you enjoyed the video and speak soon,