Red Scarlet Audio Help

Red Scarlet Audio Help

This is written to help you with audio for the RED scarlet with the V4.0.12 firmware to keep as a handy guide.

Red Scarlet Audio Format: 24 Bit / 48kHz - This is embedded on the R3D file and can be exported from the REDCINE-X into separate audio files.

Red Scarlet Audio Channel Setup: Set these up by going into SETTINGS > AUDIO > AUDIO CHANNELS. There are separate tabs for channel 1/2 and 3/4.

RED Scarlet Audio
RED Scarlet Audio

Red Scarlet Audio Source Selection: You have to select the channel sources in groups of either 1/2 or 3/4. You can choose the source of both channels to any of the following: menu names in brackets.

- None - Camera Analog Microphone Input (Cam Analog) - Pro I/O Microphone/Line in Input (Pro I/O Analog) - Pro AES A or AES B Digital Input (Pro AES A) (AES A = Ch1/2) (AES B = Ch3/4)

Red Scarlet Audio Channel Modes: The Analog inputs can be set to different modes to match the audio signal. If you have the PRO I/O Module along with balanced and unbalanced microphone inputs, you also get Line In 0db and Line In 0VU.

Balanced Microphone: usually with XLR connectors / requiring phantom power or internal battery.

Unbalanced Microphone: usually 3.5mm TRS connectors / usually 3.3v bias

Line In 0db: Fixed input gain with limiter settings if active. Only available on the PRO I/O MODULE.

Line In 0VU: Same as the 0db version but different limiters and compression settings when active. If there is no limiter then the 0VU is the same as 0db.

Red Scarlet Audio Phantom Power: You will need this to power microphones that need powering from the RED camera. (some early scarlet cameras don't have this as an option)

Red Scarlet Audio Limiters: This puts in 12dB of headroom to prevent clipping of the input signal. I recommend not using this and controlling from an external audio mixer with a professional sound recordist.

Red Scarlet Audio Recording: To record channels you need certain parameters to be met:

- At least one pair of channels with a channel source preset other than none - Input gain set correctly to show valid data on the peak meter

and none of the following settings are enabled:

- Varispeed mode (frame rate differs from project rate) - Single Frame Moco Mode - Time-lapse Mode - Ramp Mode - Single Frame Stills Mode

Even when these modes are active you WILL HEAR audio through headphones output but it WON'T BE RECORDED.

Red Scarlet Audio Peak Meters:

This will always show the levels even of channels that are not being recorded. It works as soon as a channel pair has a source selected. You will be able to see if a channel is being recorded because the circle to the right of the channel number will be GREEN.

The peak meter is updated 12 times a second. 0dB represents -20dB on a digital scale so dialogue should be around 0-4dB. If the channel starts clipping then it will fill RED.

Red Scarlet Audio Peak Meter
Red Scarlet Audio Peak Meter