Find Out The Level Of Road / Aircraft Noise In The USA [Map]

Plane noise is so common in my line of work, but now there is a new interactive map (sadly just for the USA for now) to be able to see basic flight paths for all the major airports. This is very useful if you want to pass this on to production to give them a better estimate of the issue of plane noise.

For the first time, the federal government has released a nationwide transportation noise map – an attempt to show how much noise people are exposed to from airports and highways.

The map for Charlotte shows much of west Charlotte and Mecklenburg County experiencing noise reaching 60 decibels, which the federal government said is equivalent to “conversational speech.”

Areas closer to Charlotte Douglas Airport are much louder, with some residents experiencing noise equivalent to a vacuum cleaner (70 to 79 decibels). In the immediate vicinity of the airport, some residents are exposed to decibel levels similar to a garbage disposal (80 or more).

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