A Foley Artist Salary

A Foley Artist Salary

foley artist salary

I have scanned all over the internet for salaries of Foley artists and obviously there is a wide discrepancy between the lowest at £16/hour which comes under the category for engineer and upwards of £28/hour for higher qualified Foley Artists.

The problem with all creative industry jobs especially ones without set qualifications like Foley Artistry is that it all comes down to how well, fast and valuable you are to improving a film or show etc... Professionals always start with a basic rate in mind and increase it accordingly as they get more experience in the industry and more connections making them more valuable.

So expect if you are working for a studio or post production house to start out with around £15/hour or less probably and a lot less if you are freelance and starting out. The rest is kind of in your hands to show the value of your craft and yourself to a company or production. Always tricky. let me know what you think by writing a comment for free below.

But you will get a credit on-screen unlike Jack Foley