How to become a Foley Artist

How to become a foley artist

So you don't want to go/have already gone to a post production course to understand the whole post production sound work flow and really like Foley and want to do more of it. Well there are very few routes you can go to be honest.

How to become a foley artist through the Studio / Post house route

Find an established or new post-house / studio that may need a Foley artist and apply there. If nothing comes from it keep them in mind and keep in contact monthly to be in with a good chance if something does come up. If they do let you onboard and have budgets to pay then Huzzahh! you have done it.

How to become a foley artist through the Freelance route

So you're gunning it alone, well this is going to be a slow process to begin with so prepare some extra income on the side if you are relatively new to the industry. First you want to build up a network of both other freelancing Foley artists and of independent production companies that hire crew as and when they need them. The more clients you build up the more you will get paid on average and the better you will get at your craft. The start will result in more unpaid stuff to get credits that will translate to better working pay in the long run.

Remember: Finding a mentor or someone else in your industry to try to shadow to get a real view about how the process works and if you understand all the aspects of it will really help your progress.

leave a comment if you have done something similar or are planning too and how it's going!

how to become a foley artist