For More Work: Focus On What You Have Already

Continuing the theme of getting more work as a freelancer I wanted to cover the concept of focusing on what you have instead of what you haven't. Might sound silly but in practice is very lucrative as you maximise value to the clients that keep hiring you and in turn become more appealing to other clients through referrals and word of mouth.

This isn't my only way of getting work but its important to understand for the following:

It costs less
If you are going out to get new clients it will cost you something, time, money in advertising or even in just coffees and pints when you meet up to qualify yourself.

You are prequalified
This is great because you don't have to prove yourself as if you have already worked for someone and have done a good job then you are automatically approved (for lack of a better term) to work with them again.

You get a better working environment
This is just purely through having a relationship already. Getting to work is as much about catching up as it is getting to the task in hand and communication is also usually more fluid.

This why referrals and keeping with older clients is easier / less time and expense than new ones.