How To Export An AAF from Adobe Premiere Pro

The 2 Main Ways To Export An AAF

When I am not on set recording sound, I am in my little home studio designing, cleaning and mixing it. The best way for any sound editor to manipulate the sound you have already put in your video edit timeline is to have all the same components separately. This is where an AAF comes in.

For Smaller Projects

I recommend these settings:

Sample rate should be 48kHz.
Bit Rate should be 24bit.
We are embedding the files so you just have to deliver one AAF file without extra media which can make it easy to send online.
I use the format as Broadcast Wave File because it gives extra metadata.
I copy complete audio files so i can use the full length of the original file.


Larger Projects

For larger projects like feature films I would recommend the settings above. The only difference is that we are going to make a reference AAF file and then attach all the media for that AAF to point to.

We have also trimmed the audio files so the maximum length is 20 seconds (500 frames of a 25fps video project) either side, instead of have the whole length. For example if we had a 10 minute song but only used 20 seconds of it then we would be saving space. A current feature I am working on has over 20,000 files so even saving a second off each file cuts down lots of space.

Make sure you save this type of AAF in a new folder as when you export it you will also be saving individual audio files for the AAF to reference.

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