I Spoke To Paul From Sound Devices About Wingman App

The Wingman App


The 6 series has become a very dominant player in the market and with the 788 and CLwifi app they wanted to listen to users and bring a bigger display and a cable less solution with big meters to make data entry really simple with a touch screen.

Looking to speed up the process from the keyboard and menus and submenus to a simple easy display.

What you need?

The app is called wingman and free to download from the app store. But from the app you also need the WM-connect to plug into your port of your 6 series via an adapter A-B plug. €59 Euros.

If you have the CL12 mixing panel then you can plug the dongle straight into the mixing desk without the need for the adapter.

Using The App

You need a device with IOS 8+ and turn bluetooth on. You then just need to open the app and look to pair with one. The names are organised by ModelName-serialnumber. You only control one device at a time, you can still quickly switch to another recorder in seconds. 

When the devices come up you can click a little “i” button and it will send a message to the LCD so you can see which one you are linking too.

When you are connected to a 6 series via the wingman your device will not show up to others using the app that your device is available so not more than 1 device can connect to 1 WM-Connect

The app runs in Portrait mode with 3 fixed views for the meters: Mix + Iso / L+R + Aux / Returns. on the 688 you can see the auto mix enabled tracks. 

Take List is improved from the CLwifi and you can edit all the previous 50 takes. You can now also configure all your fields and headers from your sound report tab and then you can choose where it is going to be created and you can also then send this over your wifi / mobile internet (Which is uninterrupted by the wingman because it’s over bluetooth)

Other questions Soundrolling App Community Users Asked:

Its range is a good 10-20ft but they are still gathering practical tests.

Can you monitor audio via the iPad speakers?, Nope. 

Can you lock record buttons?, Nope but work around is on the iPhone go to a different metering.

Android app? They can't speak about future developments yet. 

Can you plug in the keyboard and dongle via a usb hub? Nope

Release on September 9th and should be receiving pre-orders mid - late next week.