has been sold to Blue Compass

Pay To View Paying Jobs

It's come to my attention that has been the same company (blue compass) as film and tv crew pro. This in my opinion makes it the largest jobs site for film and TV jobs. With over 300,000 unique views a month. This means however that you will have to pay to view paying jobs)

Cost for viewing paying jobs
£15 + VAT (£18 for non VAT registered businesses) a month or £120 + VAT (£144 with VAT) 

Is it worth it?
I would say that if you are starting out then you need to get jobs to have leverage. The less experience and kit you have the less negotiation and leverage for better jobs. So though this site has been going since 1995 I guess they wanted a model other than just selling advertising.

You can see all of Blue Compass websites here

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