What is a dynamic microphone and how does it work?

What is a dynamic microphone and how does it work?

Referencing the diagram below, a dynamic microphone has a thin diaphragm attached to a coil of wire, which in turn is surrounding a magnet. When sound waves vibrate the diaphragm this vibrates the coil and the difference on the magnet translate to current in the wire. This goes to an external device or speaker. The speed of vibration determines the current and the resulting sound signal. 

what is a dynamic microphone?

Where is a dynamic microphone used?

Dynamic microphones are generally used for live events such as concerts. This is due to the fact unlike the condenser microphone, it has a low sensitivity and can handle a lot louder environments. The sound pressure of the singer's voice overpowers any of the surrounding music to allow them to be heard, even over the loudest concerts.

Dynamic microphones are one of the most common types of microphone. See how a condenser microphone works in comparison. See other related topics below or use the search bar at the top right to search any topic that is sound related, even what sound does a zebra make?