What is Binaural 3D Stereo Sound?

The very stylish dummy head pictured above is how to achieve what is termed Binaural Sound.

What is Binaural sound?

binaural sound is 3D stereo imaging for users with headphones. Binaural doesn't translate to normal stereo because of the mic placements and dummy head.

How does Binaural Sound work?

Binaural sound is achieved by having 2 microphones situated in either ear of the dummy head. These 2 microphones should then be recorded in stereo.

This is done with a dummy head because when we listen to the world our head is reflecting and refracting sound and normal stereo recording doesn't factor ear spacing or this "head shadow" effect.

Then when you play back a binaural recording through headphones it will seem like you are in the exact environment that was recorded.

If you are interested in binaural music then you can find a long catalogue here of Binaural Meditation Music

Have a listen to binaural recording from this virtual barber shop in the video below. You will need headphones and to close your eyes to really get into it and don't worry no one will actually cut your hair.