Not All Film Degrees Are Equal and Most Aren't Relevant

There are now so many places offering film school courses and this little posts is for 99% of them.

A Theory In Plumbing

Firstly your degree doesn't matter for the following reasons when going into a technical skill like sound recording:

- 2 to 3 years for learning how to record sound technically is overkill for ideal scenarios. They can't teach you the most common problems when you are in your role day to day. You have to be the one to learn this because there are not many areas that are common troubleshooting.

- Training is still based on a 20th century education model where you get a degree and so get a job. They are looking to pass you for remembering certain facts and techniques that you demonstrate. 

- There is no real training in terms of laying out different paths for not just getting into the industry but staying there and being successful. I remember vividly getting a talk from a researcher who had been working as a research for 5 years and hoped to get into camera, this is not good advice for getting into the industry.

I can go on and on but those would be the main areas that mean if you just float by and just do the degree you will be worse off if you get a 1st with just 2 credits you are going to be worse off than a person that "failed" with 20-30 credits.

The less film credits you leave with from your degree course the further behind you are.

This is where a degree becomes really useful because you have a training ground to do film after film and hone your craft!

I get so many people that are in a university or film school that come for tips on radio mics or how to get a job and I was stunned too when I finished and didn't really know where to go next. So have a look around on this blog for advice if you need help with that or email me at

Why I didn't do a dissertation on purpose

This is why i mentioned earlier about universities still being based on a 20th century model. In fact your whole education process and been about certain modalities of being able to research and then regurgitate with your own opinion.

I didn't do a dissertation because i couldn't do anything that was interesting enough and had to be only so narrow or so wide in its scope. I wasn't able to do anything to general like history of film sound and couldn't be so narrow such as how best to radio mic 200 different costumes which would have been amazing challenge to do!

Are you currently studying? Let me know your thoughts?