Q&A #12 - How I Prepare For Recces

Paul Caton asked me how I prepare for recces (Location scouts) and main thing i am after depends on the whether the location is internal or external.

Internal Locations

The main thing is finding out who will be helping us on the day and getting permission for everything i need depending on if it is to turn of fridges or find out where the AC is. This will help because even if someone else is there on the day then all the matters that are important to me will have been cleared by the proper people.

Other than that it is to walk through as many scenes as possible and get a sense for the action of the scene in terms of camera moves etc.

External Locations

It is all about trying to know the uncontrollable elements such as if the scout is on a sunday night but we film on the Friday then what will be different. More or less traffic or noise. If it is a location that is owned by someone then making sure we have control over anything like roads or power is going to be key.

Let me know in the comments what else you bring or do.

Matt Price