Q&A #7 - Is it Essential to move to London for UK work?

I was asked if it was a sensible move to go to London to further my career. For me it was because I was based in Dundee in Scotland before. Being 500 miles away from what is arguably the Cultural capital of the UK It just made the most sense. Here are a few factors you have to weigh up when moving to somewhere so expensive and big.

Don't just jump right in unless you have cash
I didn't just jump straight into London because of establishing the core base of my clients and work. Instead I commuted 11 hours on a bus one way to get to London to do a job and if it was several days then i would try to get to sleep on someones floor as I build more connections and friends. 

Then when i had a decent set of equipment I then put all the money I was getting into living. It was then a lot easier once I was close to get even more jobs and grow more.

I give a few more tips in the video clip below. Feel free to subscribe and ask me more questions when I am on.