Film in Dubai - Sound Mixer Tips

Film in Dubai - Sound Mixer Tips

Got a last-minute job to fly to Dubai. I thought it might benefit you to have my list of what I took and things to look out for. There are most of them in the video above but I've added some more.

Travel to film in Dubai

Flying to Dubai with sound equipment you need to make sure if you are taking NP1 batteries or any batteries including AA batteries, you need to carry them in your hand luggage and unplug every cable from each other. Ideally the AA batteries can be in cases so they don't touch each other, I personally did both and didn't get too many concerned looks in security.

NP1 Batteries need to be taped over the connectors with gaffer tape and with plastic bags around them too is a bonus if you are worried.

Boom Poles can be carried on the plane is they are small enough, I used the Panamic 3 section 2.5m ish carbon fibre one. Security was happy with it but bigger ones are best in tubes and put through like skis.

Weight of luggage is ideally 30KG. For that you can get a Peli case 1620 which is 9KG before you begin, you can fit in a mixer like a 688, Orca bag, blimp, 2 shotgun mics, 6 radios, loads of cables and fill it completely. Remember to take batteries out.

Heat - It's obviously quite hot in Dubai. I went in June 15th and it was 31-41C from coldest to max. The place is quite smoggy and dusty, usually cloudy. If no direct sunlight is on you then it will get very humid and you shouldn't need to put sunscreen on. I found it just sweated off anyway.

Don't leave your equipment out in the sun when you are not using it. Boom poles will get very hot, very quickly. Batteries will run like usual, Cold is a bigger killer. Drink water.

Film in Dubai Shooting Locations - Don't wear shorts in a mosque or wear shoes inside any religious building. If you don't have permission to shoot and the police get you they will take your equipment, so play safe :). Music while prayer is happening is a no-no.

Radio Frequencies - Block 606 is fine for me, that's block 23/24 in US terms.

Power - The plugs are the same as the UK so you DON'T need an adapter from the airport.

Hope that helps and leave me a comment or a like below.