Brain Discrimination In Action and how it effects your hearing!


The power of focus in the brain is extraordinary. It affects how you perceive sight, taste, touch and sound. The brain can only handle so much of reality at any one time because of the wealth of information and the brain cleverly has to prioritise what you're focusing on, or should be, in case of attack etc...

This happens with sound in suppression of background noise or for example heightening of vocals in a busy pub. The noise doesn't actually disappear sadly, only to the person focusing so intently on the passion they are talking to in the pub.

In film this is evident when a director wearing "cans" (headphones) hearing exactly the same as the sound mixer but missing the boiler switching on and the overlap of lines in the take because he is focusing and feeling the emotion of the performance. I must add Rightly so!

I enjoy developing focus because it goes both ways. Don't fall into the trap of only focusing on the negative and everything seeming bad when in actuality it is natural or visually makes sense.

So keep and eye and ear to what your focusing on around you because that is your reality.

Take a simple test: wherever you are reading this to all the sounds you are blocking out such as the computer fan, window slightly open, boiler, your own breathing maybe? You will be surprised how you start off with the general categories of sound like atmosphere and break them down further and further to their key sources.

So keep sharp and focus on as much reality as possible, feel free to leave a comment below about this article.