A Simple Audio Illusion

Audio Illusion - A simple audio mind trick

audio illusion

This is a sweet audio illusion recently brought to my attention on Facebook that is quite neat. I have touched on the topic of brain discrimination only very briefly before because it is such a deep topic. Brain discrimination is basically the idea that you can focus on sounds you want to hear (within reason) and so reject other sounds indirectly.

This happens all the time as your brain filters out noise. This is why most people don't notice their own fridge or a clock until everything else is quiet or they look at the time. In this audio illusion the brain is actually taking old sound references for you to understand something very sonically similar.

have a listen:

Now this is very complex in the actual act of understanding language and decoding it but the general gist is the tonality of the voices. It is the same recording after all so your brain doesn't understand the gibberish at first and then when it has a reference for it then you understand it.

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