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AAF File Explained*

*this is regarding audio versions of AAF Files as you can use AAF files for images and much more.

AAF file stands for a file with Advanced Authoring Format (AAF). This is a professional file interchange format designed and used in post production video and audio editing. This is the similar file to a OMF with a different make up. The AAF file format was developed by Advanced Media Workflow Association. The association works closely with other bodies that govern SMPTE.

You will commonly see AAF used on Mac based applications such as Sound Track Pro and Final Cut Pro 7. AAF files are also accepted on Pro Tools when you choose to import session data.

Many of the options are similar to that of the OMF file format. Here is a quick run down using Logic Express 9 as an example.

aaf file

Save As: The title of your AAF file and where you want to save it.

Sample Rate: This should be the same as your project or the bulk of audio media files sample rate. I usually go with what was recorded on location to keep things simple.

Bit Depth: Again I would use whatever was used on the main recorded material on set. Usually 24 bit. If you want to keep file sizes a little bit smaller you can do 16 bit.

File Format: I recommend WAVE as it is recognised and accepted by all applications and is the most common audio file formats that are uncompressed (unlike MP3)

Dither Type: You can leave this as "none" all your files are the same as the sample rate and bit depth you chose above. otherwise you can learn more about dither here.