Recover Corrupted Audio Files and Fix WAV Header For Mac

Recover Corrupted Audio Files and Fix WAV Header For Mac

This blog outlines the problem of corrupted sound files and how to fix the RIFF header in a Wav file so you can then recover all the data and save time and money for everyone. This is specifically geared towards people with Mac OSX.

Recently I had the misfortune of a corrupted SD card after recording all day with no problems. All I could see where all the files I had named but they where only 500KB instead of a few hundred megabytes. So needed to Recover Corrupted Audio Files.

I did notice that the duration was still the correct length of the original recording but wouldn't play after 1 second. The second just being a loud distortion of white noise.

A WAV file format can be viewed by following this link > WAV file Format

recover corrupted audio files

Essentially what happened to my files was that the duration of subchunk1 and subchunk2 was wrong but all that data was still there, hence having the same duration but no data actually playing. Recover Corrupted Audio Files is tricky.

So now you need to get some software to actually get into and override the header and recover your data to perfect working order. I tried a range of software on the net from Disk Drill to Disk Warrior and even a Hex Editor which is way to complex for me to master. All didn't do the trick. Wondershare photo recovery recovered most but not data longer than 3 minutes which was annoying.

I was eventually advised about Data Recovery 3 from Prosoft Engineering Inc to Recover Corrupted Audio Files.

To receive the software you will need an email that isn't a Gmail account because for some reason it thinks you can't send zip files of 5MB through it, so I just setup a yahoo account quickly. You can then select the disk image which will be the SD card and then just go for Deep Scan. This will ignore file names and reorder everything into file names starting at Wave00001.wav (or similar) However you can still access the metadata you recorded onto the file using Wave Agent from Sound Devices which also solves other sound issues.

Scanning a 32GB card took 30 minutes and recovery was quicker (5 minutes) but you will find it covers previous projects from even 3 or 4 formatted times ago then you can sift through them with what Wave Agent says because your timecode etc.. will all still be valid.

So Hurray now you can Recover Corrupted Audio Files and be saved!

If you are still stuck just get in touch! Contact Me