Common Sense Career Advice...

I often see similar posts like the following on message boards and forums:

"I want to continue working in the industry and am struggling to get my foot through the door any help or advice would be useful :)"

These people usually have a few student projects under their belts and then seem to get stuck in a rut of what next etc... it's very simple in principle... Do More Of What You Love!

You will obviously have to take anything I say from a freelance sound recordist perspective as a lone ranger of sorts but I'll keep things general to apply to most people. Ask yourself some questions:

What do I love most to do on set or in post production? (if you are still looking at least choose a department) Do I need any special equipment or skills? (for equipment could you hire it in?) Can I acquire these skills and equipment easily? Do I have experience in the area I am passionate with? Do I have good social skills and keep in contact with people I work with? How many projects do I want to work on a month?

These questions will get you started and if you already have the answers (which are usually easier with time) whats next?


Get out there and gain as much experience as you can, whether that means staying home with parents and commuting to pay for equipment or borrowing friends equipment, working under people who you see as role models and good teachers and always ask specific questions that are constructive.

With a very technical job or a more creative one practice makes perfect and repetition is the mother of skill! so try as much as you can to do whatever it is that you want to pursue and master it!

If this just seems like boring old common sense then stop procrastinating and GET WORKING! :)