Where does sound come from?

Where does sound come from?

A common question on the internet search engines is where does sound come from? This is a very simple question to answer once you understand what sound is and how it is formed.

Firstly sound is made up of vibrations.

Where does sound come from?

The image above is a great way to understand where does sound come from. You cause a wave in water by wind or dropping a stone into it. Lets use the example of dropping a stone into a still pond and then the wave above is formed. Just like this wave a sound wave has a peak (high bit at the front) and a trough (the low bit left of the peak).

How loud the sound is depends on how big the stone is. This picture represents a small wave as the peak and trough are quite close to what we refer to as the base line, which is zero.

I go into more detail in various other articles on this site which you can see below. I don't want to overload anyone here.

So to sum up: where does sound come from?

Sound comes from energy being released in the form of vibrations. These vibrations are in the form of waves similar to the wave from dropping a stone into a still pond. The biggest the release of energy the bigger the vibration which makes our eardrums vibrate more and so we hear louder sounds.