Master Techniques In Flexibility and Strength

How does an Oscar Winning Sound Mixer Maximise Their Flexibility and Strength in such a demanding environment?

Simon Hayes won an Oscar for Les Miserable back in 2013. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the video below is him teaching others about flexibility and strength, keeping him in peak condition for fighting and sound.

The importance of flexibility and strength: Sound recordists usually do a lot of bag related work. This is where the mixer / recorder / wireless receivers and cables are essentially strapped to a harness around the sound recordist.

Carrying this weight usually along with a boom pole is taxing on your body over time. The health risks of not stretching or exercising to strengthen those muscles will give way to loss of movement in the future. This is very important to keep on top of this so you can have lots of flexibility and strength.

flexibility and strength