Professional and Musician Ear Plugs Explained

Ear Plugs, Ear Buds, Musician Ear Plugs and Professional Ear Plugs Explained

So you have probably heard (even while wearing them) that ear plugs are a very boring topic. There is no sexy or glamorous in wearing ear plugs but they will save you lots of pain in both the short and more importantly the long terms. Tinnitus is a growing problem with all the iPods and Mobiles being less than metres away from you at all times.

Enough of the background!

To keep on topic not all earplugs are the same. Most basic ear plugs are just foam and diffuse the sound through the waves having to travel through thousands of holes and pores in the foam. Now the good point is that this works in decreasing sound levels but at the sacrifice of frequency response. This is because while going through all those holes and pours the higher frequencies are lost.

Musician ear buds / Professional ear plugs generally achieve even frequency attenuation by incorporating a tiny diaphragm to reduce low frequencies, together with absorbent / damping material for high frequencies. This is great for musicians because they can hear their own music without it being effected by thin or low-frequency responses.

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