7 Steps to Increase Your Rechargeable Battery Life

Increase Your rechargeable batteries lifespan

There are several key steps to making sure you get a proper life out of all of your batteries to save you money and waste. I personally have 2,900mAh NiMH Batteries. Here is more on mAh ratings.

Tip 1 - Never store your batteries in a place that is very hot. There are obvious no no's about burning or general overheating but very warm rooms will drain your battery's life span.

Tip 2 - Try to minimise dropping batteries as they may get damaged which can expose corrosive content.

Tip 3 - Don't let battery connections touch other metals that conduct electricity. Not only will you lose life span of the battery but it can cause short circuiting which can lead batteries to eventually explode. NIMH batteries can even cause fire or severe burns when left loose in a pocket with coins.

I recommend getting battery cases like the Ex-Pro AA Battery Cases to store them, especially for air travel:

Tip 4 - New and Batteries that have not been charged for a while will need 3-4 recharge and discharges to achieve their maximum capacity.

Tip 5 - Select a charger that prevents overcharging and is designed for the battery type you own. This will ensure a faster, more effective charge and safety. NiMHs will self-discharge when not in use so make sure you charge them regularly to keep up capacity. Imedion hybrid batteries however, keep a longer life from discharge effects. Don't leave batteries in a charger, instead store  them in a cool dry place

Tip 6 - Do not mix and match batteries. Always use the same chemistry, capacity, and brand. Never mix rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries.

Tip 7 -  Memory effect does occur it is primarily in NiCD batteries. This is where a battery that is not fully dis-charged between cycles "remembers" the shortened cycle and so reduces capacity. This is soon going to be irrelevant with battery technology advances.

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