Sound Devices 664 Firmware 1.05 update notes

Sound Devices 664 Firmware 1.05

Discussion Regarding The Video

I am very excited for this new update to the Sound Devices 664 Firmware 1.05 as it tackles one of the few flaws which is the display in really bright sunlight. Sadly not able to test this out since it is currently 21:25 at the time I am writing this so that will be tested tomorrow and a video to follow shortly after.

There are a few other really nice features such as now being able to toggle the headphone button to either be volume/presets or presets/volume which is really useful for monitoring in a one man band scenario.

Here is the link for more in-depth notes as I don't want to just copy it all: and here is a direct download link to the software update.

Here is the new shortcuts too..

Sound Devices 664 Firmware 1.05

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