Sound Devices 788t SSD Firmware 3.01

This is all the new info you need on the latest firmware update for the sound devices 788t and 788t-SSD.

Last update Oct 15, 2013 - Posted Oct 15, 2013

Sound Devices 788T/788T-SSD firmware - (v3.01) provides the following new features and changes.


  • Added 'A-H' meter view which gives the ability to meter the eight ISO tracks without having to switch meter view.


  • Removed Drive Speed Test due to inconsistent results. The original test was developed and optimized for use with older HDDs. It does not give accurate results with today's media.
  • Removed space character from the Take Designator and Scene Name menus as these can cause various work flow problems.
  • Recalls last meter view upon power up.


  • CL-9 Max Acceleration is now working when USB keyboard is connected. Note: It may be necessary to alter the Max speed setting to get the same acceleration feel as before.
  • CL-9 trim values now held over power cycles.
  • Outputs Set to HP L and HP R are now active after power cycle.
  • Changing current scene name while recording now ripples through to next take.

Here is the link to download sound devices 788t firmware 3.01