Quick Denecke Timecode Slate Interview

Hey everyone, today I am interviewing Denecke and getting you the low down on timecode slates and the company. I am talking to Charlie Parra who is Owner\Engineer at Denecke in Valencia, CA. Hi Charlie, before we get into timecode slates how do you pronounce Denecke for those not familiar with your gear?

Ha, great question! I'm pretty sure we've heard it all. Denecke is pronounced Den - eh - key.

Perfect, so what is Denecke's breif history? We are all familiar with timecode but how did the company get into timecode slates specifically?

Back in 1985, Mike Denecke was a working sound man and electronic designer.  Ivan Kruglak of Coherent Communications had made a limited number of TC-400A time code slates, but they were not catching on. Mike had recently finished the TC-1 Time Code Reader and decided to try making a time code slate. The TS-1 Time Code Slate was basically the TC-1 Time Code Reader with large 1 inch led's and special drive electronics in a slate form. Since Mike had experience on set, he saw what would be necessary for a slate to be accepted (light weight, durable, etc.) as a regular piece of equipment out on location.

To sum it up in a few sentences why do hollywood and others use timecode slates and not just timecode generators?

The time code slate is a tool that connects conventional film making with the new electronic editing tools. It is a time saver in post production. Having a visual reference of the timecode data being recorded into the audio and video files speeds up the editing process.

With Christmas and 2015 approaching can you tell us about your newest timecode slates?

The timecode slate has gone through a few models. The TS-3 (our current model),  which Mike and I designed together, brought the internal circuitry into the micro-controller\software world. The TS-C is the compact version of the TS-3.

Looking forward are there any new products on the horizon?

We have quite a lot of things on the horizon, but I'd rather keep that under wraps for now. :)

Where can people find out more about Denecke?

People can find out more about us at:

Website: http://www.denecke.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Denecke-Inc/123026331087593?ref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Denecke_Inc

Or you can always give us a phone call!

Thanks for your time Charlie, any final words?

Lately there has been a sudden rush of new timecode boxes from other companies. I'd like to point out that just because we've been quiet doesn't mean that we aren't going to respond. Stay tuned....

Thanks for taking the time to interview us Matt. We hope that people reading this have a better idea of who we are.

Best Regards,