Tig Q28 Timecode Solution

The Tig Q28 Timecode Generator

I recently had a extensive test run of the Tig Q28 from Mozegear. I also had a chat with Laurie who is the Sales Manager for Mozegear to tell us all more about Mozegear and where it fits into the timecode spectrum.

Hey Laurie for those who don't yet know, tell us about Mozegear and how it all came about?

Mozegear has been years in the making. Our lead design engineer is British and worked for Audio Engineering Ltd. (Micron Wireless) which is based in London. After relocating to the U.S., he continued to be involved in audio design, but also branched out into retail.Mozegear is a result of viewing the ENG/EFP industry from the user’s perspective and wanting to develop products that address some of the challenges that currently exist.Our first two products, the Tig and Q28, are miniature timecode generators that have a large feature set. However we are not strictly a “timecode” company. Our focus is on a variety of products that have a high level of quality, uniqueness, and dependability.

The Mozegear Q28 has just landed in London, tell us what makes this special

The most distinguishing feature of the Q28 is the size. It is just 2.8 cubic inches and weighs only 1.9 ounces. In fact, it is a third of the size of the original Tig, which already fell into the “miniature” timecode category. Even though the Q28 is extremely small, it is not fragile. We have put it through extensive durability testing and it has performed very well. (We would like to note that although we would love to take credit for the case design, we cannot. Audio Engineering Ltd. has graciously let us use the case from their tiny transmitter, the TX700s).

The Q28 has other features that make it special including the “flow through audio” design, which is unique within the timecode generator industry. This feature combines both timecode and audio into a single output so devices not intended for timecode (i.e. DSLRs) can receive timecode in addition to audio. Another new feature is the “show” setting which confirms timecode in hours and minutes through a blinking LED. The variable level output has a wide output level range of approximately 54dB. This allows the user to easily match the Q28 with a broad scope of products from high end cameras, to DSLRs and even Apple “i” devices. Another great feature is that it has two in/out connectors; the 5 pin Lemo and 3.5mm.

Currently there is an introductory price of 355.00 UK and 445.00 Euros (ex vat)

What other products are Mozegear working on at the moment?

I am really enthusiastic about some of the new products coming down the pipeline, although I have been sworn to secrecy. I will say that we have quite a number of new products in various stages of development and beta-testing. Some are timecode related, but most are not.

How is Mozegear looking to make an impact on the audio industry?

We love new technology and how it can be applied to move the industry forward. One of the areas we are focusing on is “product efficiency”. In our opinion, this can be achieved by designing unique products through either new technology, smaller size, or sometimes just redesigning existing technology to make it work better for the end user. That being said, we also know that in our industry careers are built upon products that perform in extreme conditions. For this reason we do not think uniqueness in itself is enough. We do a broad range of tests, both for dependability and durability. Some are high tech but some are not. (i.e. driving over them with a truck and ladder drops from 6’ and 10’ ladders). We have also tested them with all types of devices, cameras, and in a variety conditions. Overall, we want to design products that add value for their uniqueness. More importantly we want to be known for products that “just work”.

General Information:

Introductory Q28 pricing is 355.00 UK or 445.00 Euros (ex vat) Website: www.mozegear.com Laurie’s email: lauriew@mozegear.com For a list of dealers: www.mozegear.com/#!dealers/c19j7 Distributor for Great Britain and Europe: Audio Engineering (contact - Tanky) Phone number - 0208 - 341-3500 website - www.micronwireless.co.uk

tig Q28
tig Q28

How I found it...

I run a 664 and found already had the 5pin lemo to 5pin lemo timecode cable to sync the Tig Q28. As you can see from the pictures it is very small compared to my other ambient gear and I have compared it to an Apple Mini Music Player which is about the size of a 50 pence piece. I didn't use the functions that allow for generating timecode in an audio track as I was working with a RED Epic (famous for drifting) but this feature would be very useful on DSLR gigs where they don't want to have to go through the pain of pluraleyes.

The Tig Q28 comes with a double sided A4 instruction leaflet which is very straight forward to set up. It runs AAA batteries (x2) and last for around 16 hours, thankfully i only used it for 12 or so. As standard practice I rejammed after lunch because the 664 will only hold its current timecode for so long.


- DSLR friendly may interest some - Very Small and Tough for fitting to different cameras even on rigs like Movi - Long Lasting battery life and sync accuracy


- Some may be put off by the AAA, but actually it is saving space and with the long battery life 4 AAA isn't going to be much extra.

Other notes:

- Pretty competitive price too compared to other timecode generators, especially for its size.

- A useful comparison brought up by the group was comparing the crystals of this to an ambient crystal, this is an indication of how reliable the crystal is to long term jamming:

Tig Q28 - TCXO Crystal: +/- .5PPM Ambient ACL204: +/- 0.1 ppm Denecke DCODE® SB-3 sync box: +/- 1PPM

Tig Q28
Tig Q28