Sound Cart Battery Solutions from Tracer

sound cart battery

This is a new product called "12V 40Ah LiFePO4 Bespoke Battery Pack & Peli™ Case" from the Tracer Product Range.

This battery pack has a weight of 10.7 kg and is 300 x 249 x 196 mm. Charging time of 5-7 hours with recommendations to fully charge at least once every 6 months. Only loosing less than 0.5% power per day through self-discharge. Packed in a Peli case for brilliant protection. Charging life cycle of over 1,400 times. You can see how much power is left and if you need to recharge on the Inside by pressing one button.

You can charge and output power via a built-in 4pin XLR port.

This is chunky on the wallet at €1,104.57 but is built to last a couple of years along with a 2 year warranty.

There is also a bigger brother 12V 100Ah LiFePO4Bespoke Battery Pack & Peli™ Case for €1350. This one is heavier, bigger, longer lasting than its smaller version.

1 review I found on a facebook group mentioned an 80Ah version lasted 2 days for his cart and took around 8 hours to charge. Perfect for big gigs.

I should add I don't get paid to write this or affiliate with the company. It's just all part of building the biggest sound resource on the web.