Sound Devices 664 Battery Life Test

Sound Devices 664 Battery Life Test

This is a test of how long the sound devices 664 will last with 5 freshly charged 2900mah AA batteries and recording a Sennheiser 416 with phantom power and recording the ISO and 1 side of the mix track.

AA Batteries

I have been using the 664 as my main mixer / recorder for nearly a year now and recently did the test above to see how long the internal 5 AA batteries last inside it. I used 2900mah batteries from and they are only a couple of months old. I decided to just run phantom power on a 416 and press record and leave it.

The Sound Devices 664 Battery Life results where 3 hours 26 mins on continuous recording, technically 2 channel because I decided to record one side of the mix track (L).

Mah ratings just show you how much power is given out per hour, so 2900 mah is 2900 milliamps per hour. High mah ratings are good for hungry machines but not for lower power devices like remote controls for you TV which actually run for longer off lower mah.


I do use the AA batteries in the 664 but generally it is just good for backup for my NP1 batteries or when I am swapping NP1 batteries over. NP1 batteries are 73/74W and so running even all 16 channels with 2 on phantom power you will still last a good 5/6 hours and just on one channel I have never had to change for a whole day even with it being on.

Conclusion: Sound Devices 664 Battery Life Option

If you are going to get batteries then make sure they are a high mah (also good for your radios) but ideally run from an NP1 if you want to be sure you won't run out over the first 5/6 hours of the day. Usually a pain to get the batteries in and out when you are in a bag situation. Remember not to leave in the batteries over several days or weeks when not in use because power will still leak and you can end up swelling the battery, which makes it stuck inside, very tricky to get out and leaves the contact for the battery covered in gunk, so it won't work even with fresh ones will you scrape it off.

As always if you have any questions you can ask me or post a comment below.