Sound Equipment Hire London and More...

Sound Equipment Hire London (Rest of UK Mainland)

This list was compiled by a collegue and friend Richard Thomas

sound equipment hire london
sound equipment hire london

Specialist UK Audio dealers and Sound Equipment Hire London Dealers (all sell Sound Devices):

Sound Equipment Hire London - Richard Meredith / Audio Dept (W London) 02032750040 Hire. Lectro, Wisycom, Remote Audio, Bubblebee, TC Buddy

Sound Equipment Hire London -Better Sound (N London) 020 7482 0177 Hire

Sound Equipment Hire London -Everything Audio (Elstree Studios) 02083242726 Zaxcom, Lectro, Audio wireless

Sound Equipment Hire London -Richmond Film Services (W London) 020 8940 6077 Hire, service. Audio Ltd, Denecke, Nagra, Betso

Soundkit (Cardiff)

02920342907 Ambient, Vdb, PSC, Audio Developments, SQN

Raycom (Worcestershire) 01789777040 Service. Lectro, Wisycom, PSC

Pinknoise Systems (Gloucestershire) 01453825802 Inc used gear. K-Tek, Micron, Audio Wireless, Ambient

Wendy's Broadcast (Manchester) 01612232200

Southern Sound Kit 02380 260004 SQN, KT Systems

Mike Harris Sound Services 01932 241948 Service, including laveliers, Nagra tape recorders and older equipment. Da Cappo/Active Audio

Sound Warehouse (Glasgow) 01414454141

Other useful non-specialist places: Sound Exposure, Canford (owns Panamic), Visual Impact/O-Video (Hire, Sanken replacement), CVP, CPC/Farnell, Studiocare, Studiospares, Digibroadcast, HHB, Aspen Media (distributes AETA)