Heinrich Rudolf Hertz - 155th Birthday

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Well would be but sadly died at the age of 36! But didn't take him long to see what everyone else couldn't.

I'm sure you have guess the young German electronic engineer and physicist who clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light, originally introduced by James Maxwell published in 1865, was Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

Lets not forget Maxwell was also phenomenal is creating a theory from seemingly unrelated experiments and studies of electricity, magnetism and optics and combined them. He was also known for the first durable colour photograph earlier in 1861 and even did foundation work on rigidity for bridges, and is considered one of the greatest physicists of all time.

Back to our friend Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. He was the first to prove with immense certainty the presence of electromagnetic waves by designing and engineering instruments to transmit and receive radio pulses using procedures to discredit other sources of wireless phenomenon. As such his name was given to the unit of frequency known as, you guessed it Hertz (Hz)

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

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