The New Harley Davison Sound

The New Harley Davison Sound

Don't know if you have heard but there is a new sound for Harley Davison and it's shiny electric motorbike.

Harley Davison Sound

It looks very slick and sounds even more futuristic than Tron. The trailer for it below gives bites of the new Harley Davison sound.

We shall see more and more of the electric motor sounds in the future as everyone makes the switch. I wrote an earlier article about how cars are already designed with sound in mind, all as part of creating a driving experience that will add more value to the car. This is the same idea that is being implied by electric motor designers that want to turn the tide of boredom and weakness that is associated to electric motors. The quiet, slow, heavy car sounds of the past.

I think it is also nice to see more sound design in motorbike engines to drive environmental values to the masses. I would personally like to see the way to decide how your engine should sound, within some reason of volume and frequencies.

Have a look at the new Harley Davison sound and leave a comment below the related articles.