Reverse Engineering Sound For Psycho

Reverse Engineering Sound

At the bottom of this post you will see the video of Reverse Engineering Sound for Psycho. Psycho has its 50th anniversary this year and is being released on blu-ray. All remastered and now thanks to Reverse Engineering Sound is in a 5.1 surround mix instead of its previous mono mix.

reverse engineering sound

Reverse Engineering Sound is all about the technology to take the original mono mix and separate it into its components. Reverse Engineering Sound then allows you to essentially remix the sound from the original mix. In the case of the remastering of Psycho with Reverse Engineering Sound they where able to bring the music out of the centre of the screen to allow the audience to be even more connected to the story.

Audionamix is the company that provided the Reverse Engineering of the Sound. Their Reverse Engineering Sound software is called ADX TRAX - Separate 2 Create. This launches at NAMM Show on the 24-26th of Jan 2014. The software separates vocals and music from each other which is very hand for reusing mono mixes of films you lost the project file too.

The future for this kind of software could lead to eventually a OMF style of separation where everything is separated into individual tracks and pieces for you to play around with.

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