Sound News: Regenerating Hearing-Hairs Could Beat Deafness

Hearing-hairs in the ears of mice that where deaf have been regenerated to reverse the effect of deafness for the first time say US researchers in the journal Neuron.

An injection of a new drug was given to the mice which led successfully to the creation of new hearing-hairs. Normal hearing was not fully restored instead the mice went from no hearing at all to detecting sounds such as traffic or doors slamming. This was concluded by brain scans of the mice. There are similar studies last year involving stem cells and new nerve growth but rebuilding hairs is a much bigger challenge.

The experts in the field are very excited with the prospect of what it could lead to as I know I am being a sound recordist. Damage to hearing-hairs is one of the most common ways of developing deafness and lack of hearing.

So the future looks brighter for hearing loss and like the rest of this fast paced world we will hear more about this development soon, no pun intended.

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