SoundPro 2014: Rycote Cyclone

Nice little turn out in Ealing town hall today for the SoundPro 2014 event. Lots of the usual suspects there, especially the house hold names of Raycom, Everything Audio, Pinknoise, Soundkit. rycote cyclone

Notable entry from Rycote, their Cyclone windjammer. I hear they are doing a better wind test video than the one they previously released which seems like a normal day in the countryside. Though living in London its always calming to see so much green life. It looks big in the pictures and is pretty chunky in real life too. As demonstrated it is pretty easy to take off and put on, though you need a separate surface to be able to hold all the parts. The magnet is a nice touch and just has 2 turn-able clips at the bottom and then just twist off at the top to get going. The design has been altered to not be a perfect tube to help limit reflecting waves hitting the mic.

So whats the damage on the wallet? Probably around £400. So not that much more than the old windkits they sell. You do also get a furry to go over the top but is designed to work without unless you're in.. a cyclone?

Lots of Wisy showings from various people and lots of the people in the UK getting on board with that crazy half price deal a few months ago.

Leave a note below about anything you personally liked the look of.