The Big Reveal From Sound Devices

It's finally here. The big reveal from Sound Devices... The 633.

This I feel will be a great upgrade for the 302 and a mini recorder with a small footprint.

MAIN FEATURES different to the 664:

- 2 extra aux tracks so that's left/right and aux 1/2/3/4 - 4 ways of powering. DC / 2x L type 7.2v camera battery mounts and 6x AA batteries. - 2 seconds the power on and load up to record straight away - 44.1khz up to 192khz recordable to 6 inputs - input delay for all inputs

Very interesting middle ground so you don't need to over kill with a bigger recorder mixer like the 788 on lower scale jobs. But some of us with 664s may feel short-changed in the blurring of these very similar line products. On the one hand they are built for specific jobs but in an age where you don't have the time or money to invest in every type of mixer you may be disappointed if you have committed to a 664 and found out a smaller, cheaper product seems more appealing.

But again its always good to see SD and Zaxcom being the Mac and PC of the sound recording world battle to get more.

Take a look at the intro videos and leave a comment at the bottom.

Overview video

I/O setup