How To Record Room Tone

A main location sound aspect in terms of coverage is room tone. Room tone is the background sound within an environment that will be used by the post production sound team to help transition from all the shots within that scene. This is very important because its so much harder to recreate this. To record an effective room tone track you need to:

- Have complete silence from crew.

- Leave on any lights and equipment that has been used while shooting.

- Position the boom pole so the microphone is over the top of the main area of interaction from characters.

- Announce the recording as a room tone for scene X,Y etc.. to easily find it later.

- Record at least 10 seconds of silence without background sounds that weren't in the shots already taken (like sirens)

This will then make it a lot easier for post production to cut the sound together. Once you as sound recordist are happy give a nod or cue to your 1st AD who will then call cut on the room tone.

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