Why You Need The Best Wireless: G3 Vs Lectrosonics

Why You Need The Best Wireless

This is an obvious title in a way, after all of course you need the best of everything right? Well this is a post that explains my previous thoughts about having a set of G3s and then making the big jump to the Lectrosonics. This post is for other people that are weighing up with the decisions of which brand to go for. Now i am obviously talking about Lectrosonics from the Sennheiser G3 wireless.

the best wireless
the best wireless

Sennheiser G3s are not rubbish!

You may think this article is geared towards hating on other wireless microphone systems and plugging the most expensive brands like Lectrosonics and Wisycom or Zaxcom, this is not the point. I still have my G3s and use them when i am short of channels or need to put a wireless link to camera.

This is because the G3s are at a great price point. They are not trying to be the best but the most economical for many projects. At only about £450 a set they are easy to bulk out the amount of channels you need to use. Mini jack connections for radio microphones means you can easily wire them yourself.

Lets not go on and on!

OK lets cut to the chase, Lectrosonics have amazing limiters built in that mean if you get caught out with actors shouting you're pretty safe. The ability to see the battery levels of your transmitters on your receivers in your bag helps you keep a check on if you need to change before that next scene or take. The build quality is very solid and light which helps with hiding in costumes and actors warm in the winter. The range in a straight line is more reliable, this always depends on what frequency you are on and many other factors but generally compared as like for like the range is stronger. This combined with DPA mics mean I am getting solid results on my current feature film 'My Saviour'.

There are now options to finance purchases like this if you need, but i have to say it is well worth taking the jump to the highest level you can because it will help your career no end. The build quality and digital hybrid technology mean it future proof for a decent chunk of time.