Sound Recording Action Scenes

Sound Recording Action Scenes

sound recording action scenes

Sound Recording Action Scenes usually means that there is no dialogue apart from cries of pain and screams. For a production sound recordist this means that you are trying to capture as much as you can within the takes to give the post production team a good idea of what it sounded like on the day.

Fight scenes that are without dialogue usually mean not radio miking anyone incase they hurt themselves on it or break the radio mic. This is where your boom operator will come in handy as they can get a good all round overview of the sound for you.

This is used by the post production to add in all the meaty punch sound effects or explosions and redub actors screams and shouts if needed. This obviously all varies depending on if you have wind machines and it's not in water etc...

But don't think it is an easy walk in the park because the reactions you do capture clean will matter in the edit. Try getting longer wild tracks after a take of crowds or specific screams as this will help post production work more efficiently by not having to go re-record anything.