Sound Report Templates

Sound Report Templates

There are several ways you can do sound reports these days. Via software like Wage Agent from Sound Devices. Products like My Sound Devices 664 auto-generate sound reports at the end of a recording day to save you time, I always end up taking them into Wave Agent and add more Metadata for notes or track names there.

Sound Report Template

Or you can make your own that you print out on set or copy the template onto a notepad and then type up using Excel or Wave Agent. You can get a copy of a simple template I knocked up below.

Download Sound Report Template

You can expand the fields to include as many channels as you like. You will see an example of shorthand that you can use on your sound reports such as the following:

FS - False Start (Take boarded or cut before action) AFS - After False Start - If the first take was a FS then the one after will be slated as 1AFS not 2, unless you were still rolling after action) WT - Wild track - Here are the differences between wild tracks, buzz tracks, room tones etc... RT - Room Tone

You can use whatever short hand makes it easy for you to write down proper information quickly. Remember to include a table for post production or directors to use and avoid confusion.

Creating Sound Reports In The 664

To create sound reports with the 664 simply go into the take list through the menu under file storage and click and scroll till you get to the day folder for the recordings you want to make a sound report for.

The date structure will be as follows: 14Y07M28 for the 28th July 2014. Then when you will see 'OPTIONS' in the bottom right of the screen. Slide the return toggle to the right and then you will see the 'OPTIONS' menu list and select 'CREATE SOUND REPORT' and it will be generated within that day folder.