DVD Extras about Sound

DVD Extras about Sound

It can be a tricky task finding DVDs with extras relating to sound but thankfully SurroundSound.ch has compiled a very comprehensive list. The site is in German and so canbe translated via google translate or babelfish.

The start of the list is translated below:

DVD Title Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer Description
After Dark Horrorfest - Volume 4: The Graves / Zombies of Mass Destruction (Blu-ray Amerika) ? Featurette "Sound Designing The Graves"
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Gary Rydstrom Gary Rydstrom explained in the feature "Sound Design" interesting things to the mix. Among other things, the sound design of the futuristic vehicle is addressed. He also tells interesting facts about the Synclavier.
Alien Quadrilogy Graham Hartstone ("Aliens"), Gregory M. Gerlich, Gary S. Gerlich ("Alien 3") For "Aliens" as well as "Alien 3" is under the "post-production" ever a featurette "Music, Editing and Sound."
Alien Anthology (Blu-ray USA) Graham Hartstone ("Aliens"), Gregory M. Gerlich, Gary S. Gerlich ("Alien 3") Featurettes under the category Post-Production: "The Final Countdown: Music, Editing and Sound" ("Aliens", about 15 min 31 sec) with Chief Dubbing Mixer Graham Hartstone, "Where the Sun Burns Cold: Fox Studios LA 1992 "(" Alien 3 ", approx 17 min 33 sec) with the sound editor Gary M. Gerlich and Gary S. Gerlich and" Requiem for a Scream: Music, editing and sound "(" Alien 3 ", ca . 14 min 53 sec) with Gary M. Gerlich and Gary S. Gerlich.
Animatrix, The Dane A. Davis In the "making of" original documentation for each film, there are also interviews with sound designer Dane A. Davis and film composer Don Davis.
Antichrist (RC 1/Blu-ray USA) Kristian Eidnes Andersen In the featurette "The Sound and Music of Antichrist" (approx. 13 min) speaks Supervising Sound Editor Kristian Andersen Eidnes about the creation of the special sounds which were used in the film.

For the full list check out: http://www.dvdsurround.ch/sounddokumentationen/

If you have any favourites leave them in the comments below.