The Most Expensive Mixer

Most Expensive Mixer

If you have a search on Google Shopping for an audio mixer and put it highest to lowest pricing the most expensive mixer is around £21,000 which is around $35,350 at the date of this post. But is this the most expensive mixer?

The mixer is called the Avid Any Mixer to D-Command ES 24 Exchange and has 24 faders and a host of other fancy things which i'm sure will be good given the price ;)

Sadly this gets knocked off pretty quickly once you look at the top makers of audio mixers like Neve which have a nice £105,000 / $176,000 called the AMS Neve Genesys G128.

The AMS Neve Genesys G128 has some nice features and 48 faders with 96 inputs. I am not going to tecky on the specs since we only care about the price really.

Most expensive mixer Neve has is the 88RS which is rumoured to be $1,000,000+ with its little brother being the 88R at around $600,000. You are really onto a custom service with that though so the bank balance and overdrafts are your limit in bells and whistles.

This isn't even including plugins which would be a whole different post altogether. Anyone got any other ones they love? Just leave a comment below the related posts :)