Why do sound men like people to drink?

Firstly I don't believe we are all alcoholics as sound men and women, though it can help with some decisions.

The picture above doesn't really get my point across at all, just mad what you can find for royalty free stock photos!

Sound men and women (and there are not enough of them I feel) really obsess about dialogue and want to hear what you have to say in perfect clarity. Unfortunately the mouth is a noisy place with that wagging tongue dancing in your mouth and so several things happen when your mouth is dry to your voice.

Sadly a cold glass of water will contract your vocal cords. Milk will increase mucous production so you can have the opposite problem of a wet mouth. Whiskey and beer need to be the right amount not to again from one side to the other side of the spectrum. Tea is probably the best.

So that's why I want you to drink and stop smacking those lips.