What is ADR, dubbing, looping and post sync

What is ADR, dubbing, looping and post sync

What is ADR, dubbing, looping and post sync? they mean the same thing roughly. Though you should be aware that you can dub on music to a film, meaning you play music to the film or show. ADR stands for automated dialogue replacement, this is the post production process for replacing the lines, words, sentences of dialogue with a new copy or different lines.

What is ADR also stand for?

I have heard many different versions of What is ADR stand for so here are a couple. audio dialogue replacement, additional dialogue replacement, automated dialogue replacement, looping, post sync and even voiceover which gets confusing.

What is ADR used for?

 This is for various reasons which include but are not limited to: Poor recording on set, pops and clicks that can't be cleaned, wrong lines, poor performance and so on... This is usually hell for many directors, actors and crew because it is time-consuming and so expensive, coupled with the fact the voice has to match the performance even though the time from the actual recording to the ADR session could be months or even years!.

What is dubbing?

Foreign films obviously get dubbed in the language of the country they are being distributed to and so don't necessarily need to be in perfect sync. Though across Europe different countries have different rules, naturally. as seen on this map here.

What is Looping?

Looping is also a name for dialogue replacement as the lines that need to be retaken will be done over several takes so the actor can get into the rhythm of the piece and deliver a better performance.