The Soundrolling App [Beta]

The App

Hey all, this is an app i'm developing to help get more of the best bits of the resources i've gathered over the years into the palm of your hands. This is currently still in testing and so only currently available on Android mobile devices. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see it on Apple IOS and ill try to sort that out, but they want £150 for putting just 1 version up there, 99/year for an account and then £49 for uploading versions of it, so may have to charge  a few quid to cover that cost. Anyway let me know.

Packed full of features from

1 - Camera Manual Cheat Sheet
This is where you can view the Timecode Inputs and Audio Inputs for Major Digital Production Camera
(Arri, BlackMagic, RED, Sony, Canon...)

2 - Youtube Videos
From tutorials on how to recover formatted cards to comparing £1.20 lavalier to a £270 lavalier. I've been on YouTube for over 5 years doing tutorials and sharing tips.

3 - Sound Chats
I have over 40 Interviews with Dialogue editors, Sound Mixers, Re-Recording Mixers, Foley Artists and Boom Operators on some of the world biggest blockbusters and Oscar Winning Films. Also Available As Podcasts and Videos.

4 - Finding Local Audio Vendors
Finding Audio Vendors local to where you are at the moment is going to vastly cut down your research time and get you on with the job at hand.

5 - Boom Pole Cheat Sheet
This compares over 125 boom poles in Min Height / Max Height / Weight / Material / Locking Mechanism and units are in Imperial and Metric measurements.

6 - Global Freq Finder
Find legal frequencies for countries around the world as sourced by mixers who live or work there, with links to government websites for extra reading.

7 - Blog (BETA)
Over the past 5 Years ive added over 300+ Blog posts to and am now in the process of making it easy to find them through this app.

8 - Sound Manuals
PDF versions of some popular products along with a firmware checklist with links to manuals and firmware notes.